2017 Colts Training Camp Preview

It is almost here folks! The long trudge back to football is nearing its conclusion, and not a moment too soon.  Thus far the Colts have survived the summer without making any headlines, which is just about the best thing you can hope for during June and July.  However, for those of us chomping at the bit for some football, we only have to wait until this Wednesday when the Colts report to training camp to whet our appetites.


Colts 2017 Rival Profile: The Houston Texans

Houston Texans Everyone knows that the football offseason can be a bit boring.  Rather than write a bunch of filler pieces that don’t really do much for you other than make you hate or love me depending on how stupid you perceive my predictions to be, I thought I would take the next three weeks... Continue Reading →

Rebuilding the Monster

A Goal Reimagined When Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano were hired on in 2012 they operated on the slogan that they would "build the monster."  As per the name of my blog you can see that this idea resonated with me.  I thought immediately of the dominant Ravens defenses that ground out the competition with... Continue Reading →

Ballard Makes His Mark: Round 1 Recap

Well, something happened that GM Chris Ballard probably didn't expect.  When the number 15 pick rolled around in the 2017 draft, there were a lot of guys left on the board that would've made good additions to his defense. After a cascade of offensive picks saw Jacksonville add RB Leonard Fournette and the Texans add... Continue Reading →

Colts 2017 Schedule

The official NFL 2017 schedule has been released and now we have a little more information to look over as we await the draft and then the long period until we have real football.  We will take a look at some of the more notable games in this season, as well as make some totally... Continue Reading →

Colts Draft Preview

It's that time again folks, the NFL Draft is less than one week away! For some of you (possibly many of you), this evokes a yawn.  But there isn't much going on in the sports world at present short of watching the Pacers get embarrassed as they gave up a 25 point lead to get... Continue Reading →

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